Friday, October 30, 2015

N and T: "ELECTION PREVIEW: Makeup of New Albany City Council on the line."

The News and Tribune's 2015 Voters Guide has all the candidates and their answers to submitted questions. I've already published my own answers here.

Following is the newspaper's overview. Let's focus on just one race, in the 2nd district, where the people living in those neighborhoods have a "choice" between Winkin and Blinkin -- and might as well Nod off.

If you can determine what either of these cossetted old white men are talking about, please let us know.

ELECTION PREVIEW: Makeup of New Albany City Council on the line, by Chris Morris (News and Tribune)

... (Irv Stumler) added he is against switching every one-way street in the downtown area to two-way traffic, as suggested by the Jeff Speck study. He said it is something that should gradually be initiated.

"You have speed limits, just enforce those," Stumler said. "It would cost a lot of money to switch streets to two-way. Maybe if you start out with a few side streets, take it one step at a time."

(Bob) Caesar said he is also against a massive switch.

"As far as flipping every street, absolutely not. I am 100 percent against that," Caesar said. "But I am for making the street grid better and easier to navigate. I am all for that."

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Iamhoosier said...

I'd like to see Bob's plan for making downtown easier to navigate(which he is all for)without changing the one way streets. Perhaps you ought to offer him free publicity for his plan. Maybe he's actually got one. It's probably right behind the accounting records of the Bicentennial "party".

As for Mr. Stumler and enforcement. They enforce speeding on the interstate and people still speed all the time(including me). What's his plan to increase enforcement? Obviously he hasn't thought about design being a 24-7(for many years)cost effective solution. Once paid for, a small amount of maintenance is all it would cost. Irv is being penny wise and pound foolish. Design must work or the trucking companies wouldn't be suing because they can't drive as fast anymore.