Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Must read: Drew Curtis explains exactly how an independent (like me) can win the New Albany mayoral race.

Kentucky gubernatorial independent candidate Drew Curtis actually was at the Public House just a few weeks ago when my old friend Mark Kocher came into town to represent at a Stone Brewing Company tap takeover.


And Mark, for that matter.


I'm sure Drew and I would have been discussing the points he makes in this amazing essay. Ostensibly, it's about his race in Kentucky, but the gist is applicable here in New Albany.

Op-Ed: Taking Parties Out of Politics

In the 1800s, political parties were candidates' social networks. Drew Curtis, founder of social networking news site Fark.com and Kentucky gubernatorial candidate, now asks if we still need parties in 2015.

 ... I believe a disruption is coming to electoral politics. If I don’t manage to pull off a disruption this November, it’s clear to me that someone else will manage it very soon. We’re seeing cracks appearing already within the parties themselves—nontraditional candidates are faring far better than traditional ones even within the parties on both sides of the aisle, with Donald Trump wreaking havoc among Republicans and Bernie Sanders steadily disrupting what seemed like a preordained win for Hillary.

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