Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Bike commuting is on the rise, except in New Albany, where Jeff Gahan cowers in terror.

A headline like that is reason enough to read the article, isn't it?

Yes, the cities cited are far larger than New Albany. The point: As Gahan dithers and delays on street grid reform, we sacrifice opportunities to re-position ourselves as a metro Louisville option.

Time and again, Gahan's "thought" process exalts suburban by-the-numbers rectitude at the expense of what actually works in urban areas -- and biking and walking work in a way that Padgett's cranes cannot.

Bike Commuting: Still on the Rise, by Laura Bliss (City Lab)

... More Americans are biking to work, as cities roll out necessary infrastructure and road-safety policies. Nationwide, from 2000 to 2014, bicycle commuting has grown 62 percent. Yes, it’s easy to grow fast when you start with small numbers. But that doesn’t take away from the larger point: If you build the lanes, cyclists will come.

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