Thursday, March 20, 2014

But I thought DNA was the political arm of England Doug's re-election campaign. Either way, it isn't very non-profit of them.

Yesterday, NAC's co-editor made a pithy comment at Fb:

"Develop New Albany: The political arm of the mayor's office."

Later he noted that at present, two city operatives and a council woman are listed as being "attached" to DNA: Mike Hall and Tonya Fischer, and Shirley Baird. And yet it was David Duggins who accompanied Baird to last November's meeting at the Board of Works, when the latter revealed funding for the ill-advised farmers market fluff-up.

I'm not even sure why we're having an "interested downtown economic entities" meeting this morning. It appears that DNA already has been gifted with the brass ring. Funny, I was always under the impression that one was compelled to actually grab it. Silly me.

Bluegill has written so much of note these last two days that I'll continue to quote passages of his with which I'm in agreement.

"I vote to remove DNA from the farmers market operation altogether so that we might, as a community, have an honest conversation about its future."

And, best of all, another in a long, sad line of local luminaries unable to fathom the true nature of social media.

"After DNA rolled out its market 'poll', there was some discussion last night on their Facebook page with some for but several against, particularly after others explained what DNA had not: that their proposal will cost over $300K and that there are other potential alternatives. Went to see how it was going this morning and DNA had deleted the whole thread. Great stuff from a group whose charter calls for them to help facilitate discourse around downtown issues.

To which I'll add: It's also worth noting that the last time discussions started occurring regularly at DNA's page, postings by non-administrators were disabled.

The ineptitude would be staggering if it weren't so Intrinsically (though not Exclusively) New Albany.

Consider going to the polling page and disrupting DNA's bush league tactics by voting for the parking garage. Real poll questions for real people, here.

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