Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Maybe the city could buy indoor space for the Winter Farmers Market. Would $108K do it?

Consider going to the polling page and disrupting DNA's bush league tactics by voting for the parking garage.

Wait a minute. You don't think the notion of spending more than $300K to anchor the farmers market to a potentially valuable downtown street corner has anything to do with the proximity ... nah. Couldn't be. Why, that sort of chicanery could fool a man into believing that England Doug and Carl Ford Maalox are still dispensing largesse from City Hall.

I forgot. It's not political at all, is it?

Hello, yeah, it's been a while
Not much, how 'bout you?
I'm not sure why I called
I guess I really just wanted to talk to you

And I was thinking maybe later on
We could get together for a while
It's been such a long time
And I really do miss your smile

I'm not talking 'bout moving in
And I don't want to change your life
But there's a warm wind blowing
The stars are out and I'd really love to fleece you tonight

1 comment:

Randy said...

I'm going public with my offer. With this much money flying around, might as well get on the gravy train.