Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A business owner on the farmers market: "I do want what is best for my community."

Katrina at Antiques Attic posted this comment earlier today at As the farmers market follies morph into farce, City Hall just stands there. Why is that?

This strikes me as an uncommonly sensible position. There are both good points and bad points, as well as insight and wisdom from a local business person. It's precisely the sort of discussion that isn't being had at present; as Jeff notes elsewhere, such a chat very nearly took place at DNA's Fb site prior to being scrubbed clean. 

If you haven't already done so, go to the DNA potted polling page and disrupt the organization's bush league propaganda tactics by voting for the parking garage. Want real poll questions for real people? They're here.


I love the Farmer's Market; I shop it myself in the summer months. I love the location, and yes, it brings me some additional foot traffic one day a week during the summer. Does that mean increased revenue? Some times yes, but usually not because the public has come to shop the market and then maybe explore what else is downtown, but has already accomplished their goal for the day. Still, great exposure for my business because some people will return on another day after spotting my store.

Do I want to see it moved to a different location? Not really, BUT ... I do want what is best for my community. SO, I have been trying to use what I consider to be common sense logic for my decision on what side I should stand on the issue.

Let me start with the use of the word EXPANSION being used. Is it truly an expansion when it will still have the same footprint in square footage? Will it not lose one or two vendor spots to make room for a restroom? Adding shelter roofs and a restroom could be considered an IMPROVEMENT but EXPANSION and capability for growth in vendor size in the future?

Cost of doing business; something I deal with regularly in making decisions concerning my business. Once again logic jumps in my face about the cost of this so called EXPANSION (IMPROVEMENT). To add additional roof structures and a bathroom at this cost appears extreme and I would definately get as many estimates as possible to come to a decision before acting out.

Another question I keep having is why does it need a restroom and who will maintain and clean this restroom and at what taxpayer cost?

Lastly, none of this addresses future growth and especially does not solve the problem of the winter months.

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