Saturday, January 12, 2013

Floyd famine fetishists cheer as fiscal starvation advocate presumably appointed to county parks board.

The URL is the same, but the web site's content has changed to match new realities.

Last week, the Green Mouse was told that there'd been an appointment to the new stand-alone Floyd County Park Board: None other than Ted Heavrin, recently ousted county council member.

Hit it, Slash.

If this rumor is true, Heavrin will be the only parks board member with his own island ...

 ... as well as a long-standing, cherished plan to reform Community Park's scandalously wasted space.

Before filing this notice under "Fox, Meet Chicken Coop," enjoy the board's statement on leadership.

With the recent abolishment of the New Albany Floyd County Department of Parks and Recreation separated into two entities a newly appointed Floyd County Park Board will be appointed in 2013. The appointments will be acquired through the County Commissioners, Council and Circuit Judge. We will inform you of these appointments in 2013.

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Jeff Gillenwater said...

Interesting, too, is that "circuit judge" is on the new list of officials responsible for appointments. When I spoke with Commissioner Steve Bush a few months ago, he cited the appointment power of judges in the previous agreement as a negative, part of his justification in pressing for a new one.

Also, if Heavrin is indeed appointed, it will be interesting to see if the newspaper ever follows up on the repeated claims that council members were unaware of parks funding shortfalls and problems.

According to members of the previous parks board, Heavrin was very aware of them and had quite a bit to say on the topic. I wonder why, if council claims of ignorance were true, he never shared that information with fellow council members? Are they potentially appointing someone who purposefully withheld parks financial information from them or were the ignorance claims just a ruse?