Thursday, January 10, 2013

Neither steroids nor proverbs for the Board of Zoning Appeals.

I've been wondering if the News and 'Bune's renewed emphasis on religious hokum, as with columnist Tom May recently increased appearances in print, reflects the otherwise silent publisher's Bible verse-infused Twitter feed.

Perhaps these twin irrelevancies are purely coincidental.

Meanwhile, the Courier-Journal's Grace Schneider somehow manages to avoid sports references as she provides dispassionate, factual coverage of the New Albany Board of Zoning Appeals, including new use for the Pepin House on Main Street and board member Bledsoe's fear of proliferating child care services, which are not unlike meth labs, at least when too many appear on one's own private one-way street, which utterly lacks the golf course necessary to provide proper instruction to repressed urban children.

Yes, and perennial ReDestruction lawyer Krafty John is preparing a lawsuit to defend clients ignorant of the PUD law, but this occurs at every meeting, doesn't it?

Zoning panel OKs B&B on Mansion Row in New Albany; Mansion Row site could host events

... Scott Wood, the plan commission director, told the zoning board that while Main Street has gradually shifted from single-family homes to apartments and a few bed and breakfasts, the upside to Smith’s plan is that a significant historical structure has been preserved ...

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Curtis Morrison said...

I never cease to be impressed with how written this blog is. Best wishes for fabulous 2013, Roger!