Sunday, January 06, 2013

Okay, I can write about NCAA basketball just like all the rest.

Meet my hero, now a lion in winter, and the man who saw the college basketball world the way it actually is, as opposed to the way we idealize it ... and acted accordingly.

Ladies and gentleman, Jerry Tarkanian, and he should be in the Basketball Hall of Fame.

A Rebel’s Methods Go Mainstream, by Sam Borden (New York Times)

... During his time at U.N.L.V., he was considered by many to be an outsider. He was not (John) Wooden, certainly, and his approach to operating his program — from recruiting to his playing style to how he handled the N.C.A.A. — was markedly different from those of contemporaries like Knight and North Carolina’s Dean Smith. Compared with those icons, Tarkanian was a renegade.

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