Sunday, April 23, 2017

Wouldn't you love to know which D.C.-based putsch consultant wrote Deaf Gahan's "luxury in our time" public housing statement?

Those high-dollar D.C. flacks probably were laughing to themselves as they cut and pasted the boilerplate, safe in the knowledge that no one in a position of authority at a "local" chain newspaper would bother checking its origin.

On Monday, there'll be a minutely choreographed meeting of the New Albany Housing Authority's board, which Mayor Jeff Gahan merrily neglected and starved before packing it like tinned sardines with craven bootlickers, all the better that they might huddle in the nether reaches of the Down Low Bunker, concocting the essentials of a socially-engineered property takeover designed to address poverty by attacking the impoverished -- and if valuable land cleared of poor people might then be devoted to luxury-based campaign finance enhancement, well, that's just a happy coincidence, isn't it?

You've already read Nick Vaughn's eloquent rebuttal.

Vaughn: THIS Public Housing Plan Will Improve the Community.

Some of our elected officials would rather tear down these affordable housing units because we have done our fair share as a city of housing low income individuals for Southern Indiana and Louisville. Instead of this sentiment, we need to empower our low income and poverty stricken neighbors and help them regain their footing and be able to rise above their standards. They cannot do this without a strong community and city government behind them helping them.

They won't be getting such leadership from Gahan, who fancies himself a Democrat, though we've seen seen almost no lower-case "democracy" from him for the past 64 months.

Following is the link to the statement written for Gahan by a PR operative who was remunerated with taxpayer money. However, ghostwriting is the least of it. I might yet go through the scentless manifesto, line by line, so as to extract details from a thicket of subterfuge, inconsistencies and outright whoppers, but there is one huge point beyond which it isn't necessary to travel -- even if Gahan's purely imaginary world were accepted as gospel, not the enduring and delusional Disney-think it genuinely is.

Notice that throughout Gahan's behind-the-scenes public housing putsch, he and his minions have spoken with seemingly everyone ...

I have met and discussed the challenges facing public housing with officials from HUD, the New Albany Redevelopment Commission, the Salvation Army, Southern Indiana Housing Initiative (SIHI), Hope Services, and others.

... except the public housing residents who are precisely the ones to be affected. 

They've been allowed to exist in a state of fearfulness as Gahan waited until four days before a prix fixe board meeting to make his first public statement of intent.

You know, the one he didn't even bother writing himself.

And then there's this: Monday's board meeting has been delayed twice. Would Deaf Gahan have said or written anything at all if not for public statements by a handful of customarily sycophantic Floyd County Democrats, who indicated that even they think he's gone too far?

(After all, neither Gahan nor NA's prominent DemoDisneyDixiecrats ever read this blog, so we cannot claim credit for any of it, but just for the fun of it: It's #OurNA, all right: "New Albany attempting to purge itself of the poor" ... so, are local Democrats finally catching on to the Gahan shell game?)

That's not vision, Deaf.

It's cowardice, and when gutlessness is combined with avarice to create institutionalized mayhem, it's a very sad time for our city.

By the way, your ghostwriter's a hack, too.

A Message from Mayor Gahan Regarding the Future of Public Housing

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