Sunday, October 04, 2015

Video: "Philly Without Cars."

Or, "subverting the parking-space-by-the-door suburban ideal for downtown."

Thanks, W.

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ecology warrior said...

Greg Phipps is a phony lust like his other Dem. city council counterparts who pretend to care about raising the economic well being of the community. Kevin Zurschmiede , like you Roger, recognizes the plight of the impoverished in the city. Shiny parks, leveraged with excessive debt, is not quality of life Mr. Gahan. Gahan and his council have done nothing to create and retain jobs that can support a family and are sustainable. What is going to become of your new parks after the city goes under financially and the jobs continue to disappear Phipps and gahan? Those parks will become brownfields, now that's "Quality of Life"