Saturday, October 03, 2015

Fringe Fest 2015: For the 8th year, it will be refuge from harvest culture on the skids.

With numerical appropriateness, NABC’S 8th annual Fringe Fest at Bank Street Brewhouse begins next Thursday, October 8.

Once again, it will serve as shelter from both prevailing swill walk and periodic booth bloat during Harvest Homecoming. NABC strives to offer alternatives to harvest culture on the skids, with occasional marks of its own.

(Notice I'm beginning to learn how not to use words like "us" and "our")

My personal favorite is back: Wet Knobs Harvest Hop Ale, released on the 8th. It's an American Pale Ale brewed with “wet” (unprocessed) locally grown Floyds Knobs hops. Sadly, the Lloyd’s Landing Estate Grown hop program did not yield hops in 2015, but Josh Hill foresees a return to form next year. Meanwhile, the hops remain local, and the batch small. It usually doesn’t survive Fringe Fest, so get it while you can.

I can't imagine better campaign fuel.

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