Sunday, March 23, 2014

For Grover's sake, what's up with 922 Culbertson Avenue?

In 1937, the building was a tavern called Haughey's Place (Grover Haughey, proprietor), and continued to serve alcoholic refreshments into the modern era -- I can't remember the name; can anyone help? Was it Al-Mel's?

Later, just a few years ago, it was the headquarters of Darshwood the Conjurer, at least according to certain on-line references. Is he still around?

Now it's being demolished. Or it is't. Who has the story? I hate to see old taverns go away. It's disrespectful to dead drinkers.


John Gonder said...

It was Dorothy's in the 60s. But of course often called "No Coils", because of the neon sign in the window celebrating the absence of that method of transporting beer from who knew where to the mug.

The Bookseller said...

Probably another Friday at 3:55 teardown permit.???

Brad Condra said...

Darshwood conjured for Scribner 8th graders recently. A good time was had by all.

The New Albanian said...

Good to hear. I always found him entertaining.