Thursday, February 20, 2014

Welcome to the random conspiracy generator, restaurant seminar edition.

Yesterday, NAC's afternoon happy hour menu concluded with this palate cleanser from Develop New Albany, in the form of a first-ever Restaurant Seminar:

Guest Speakers Include: Fire Marshall - Chris Koehler, Floyd County Health Department - Dawn Stackhouse, Local Restaurant owner - Mike Kapfhammer, Horseshoe Foundation - Jerry Finn and learn about NEW events planned for 2014.

I raised an eyebrow; wouldn't you?

After all, a New Albany restaurant seminar featuring a Jeffersonville restaurant owner ... and Jerry Finn of the Horseshoe Foundation, who has nothing to do with local restaurants apart from being a mighty fine customer.

I'm told now that the seminar is being organized (with a scant week's notice) by a realtor and former mayoral spouse, and is intended as a way to let all the food and drink operators know about fire and health codes.

Which we do already (believe me), or at the very least should know.

On top of all this, there is the recent phenomenon of various summonses being issued to local food and drink operators, by the city's economic development team.

Maybe I'm jaundiced, but the experience of Come to City makes me wary.

Man, what's really going down?

I'm headed to the city council meeting. Maybe do some pol-whispering ... or grow me a crop of dental floss.

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w&la said...

Might be movin' to Montana soon?