Thursday, January 17, 2013

Update: Urban Fusion Community Garden.

When last we heard news from the Urban Fusion Community Garden, it was May of 2012.

"I will be returning to work at this site when it has been made safe for children."

In short, the 707 site was kicked back over to Keep New Albany Clean and Green and Landmarks, and now Jerry Finn tells us what will be happening next.


Urban Fusion Community Garden

Greetings, Friends!

I wanted to give you a quick update on the plans for the Urban Fusion Community Gardens at 707 Culbertson Avenue in New Albany. The cedar planting boxes have been built and installed. They look great. We hope to have the soil/compost mixture delivered by the end of the month. Next job will be to get the boxes filled with soil and ready for your planting. It won’t be too far out that cold crops can be planted!

The Board of Directors of Keep New Albany Clean and Green will meet on the 4th Friday of January. We will put together a process for people to reserve garden boxes. If you are interested, please send me your name, phone, and e-mail. I will have more details for you after the board meeting.

This past weekend, I was harvesting turnips, broccoli, kale, spinach, beets and onions out of my garden at home. It reminded me how important a garden can be for fresh, healthy food. If anyone is interested in being the lead person on this initiative, please let me know. That would be incredibly helpful.

Also, our Citywide Spring Beautification date is April 27th, so please mark your calendar and help if you can. Pass the word to interested groups, Neighborhood Associations, Scouts, etc.

Michele Finn is very close to her due date for her baby, so send good thoughts her way. Here are some of her favorite seed catalogs to get you thinking about spring planting! Sure to get the ideas for a garden plot in motion! :)

Thanks so much for helping make this a reality. A special thanks to all those who donated money for the purchase of materials for the raised beds.

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