Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Good news plentiful in the C-J -- will we be able to say the same of the BOPW?

The Monday and Tuesday editions of the Louisville Courier-Journal are filled with positive and hopeful news about downtown New Albany. The following three links are to articles written by the newspaper’s Indiana beat reporter, Ben Zion Hershberg:

Plans for Scribner Place complete; construction might begin in early June.

With architectural plans now complete, construction of the Scribner Place project in downtown New Albany is scheduled to begin in early June.

Banners help to spruce up New Albany; latest downtown effort applauded.

Employees of the New Albany Street Department began hanging about 50 banners in the city's shopping district yesterday in an effort to make the area more attractive. "We're trying to spruce the downtown up," said David Barksdale, chairman of the Develop New Albany design committee.

Leader patiently pushes progress (profile of Greg Roberts, president of the East Spring Street Neighborhood Association).

Persistence, and the good nature Roberts maintains when working toward a goal, are the main reasons the neighborhood association has grown from about five active members to roughly 45 since it began five years ago, (Charlie) Harshfield said.

In other local news, NA Confidential will attend this morning’s weekly gathering of the Board of Public Works and Safety, where the disposition of city enforcement authorities as it pertains to a non-compliant property at 1018 East Spring Street is scheduled for discussion -- again.

Given the undoubted responsibility of public officials everywhere to uphold the rule of law, and considering this city’s curious reluctance to consistently do so during the past forty or so years, here’s today’s toss-up question:

What if ... dysfunctional political time-servers like the 4th District Councilman Larry Kochert awoke one morning to find that voters planned to punish them for non-enforcement of the city’s laws?

It's something for the theoretically non-partisan BOPW to consider.

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jon faith said...

They appear to be closer to pennents, hanging vertical, and are very becoming. i worked downtown today and was impressed by the crew involed with the installation.