Friday, March 24, 2006

Six random Friday morning observations.

Wouldn't it be better for everyone if we could take a train instead of driving?

I defy you to listen to the original 1983 recording of the song New Year's Day by the rock group U2 and not get goose bumps.

Alpha King notwithstanding, Broad Ripple Brewing Company's Extra Special Bitter (ESB) probably is Indiana's all-time signature microbrew.

One reason I like cats so much is that I can't remember the last time an untethered feline chased my bicycle.

No NBA games on television last night? That's right -- that other professional league's in the middle of its tournamant just now.

Speaking of my two+ weekly hours of TV viewing, it's embarrassing to admit that Volkswagon's "un-pimp your ride" television advertisements make me laugh out loud every time.


ceece said...

representing deutschland!

Jeff Gillenwater said...

Local and regional rail is the only thing that makes sense as a long term solution. We can begin by 86ing 64. The web site has updated information worth reading at Most probably aren't aware that the regional transportation district completed a study on the feasiblity of using existing rail lines for local transportation in the late 60s. It's in the Hoosier Room at the library. We're 35 years behind but it's never too late.

We thought that we had the answers, it was the questions we had wrong. - Bono
For a more regional rendition, check Uncle Tupelo's Graveyard Shift.

Alpha King, ESB. Either or. OK.

One reason I like dogs so much is because they do chase me. And cats.

Professional or not, the end of the Texas-West Virginia game was almost worth watching it at Hooters last night. Jesus do we need a decent, independent spot open past 10:00.

You should check out VW's web site. After building your car, you get a test drive with the woman from the commercial. No uptight U.S. company would ever include dominatrix humor in an attempt to sell a car. Be sure to choose the leather interior.

Tommy2x4 said...

today i was charged by an untethered pitbull. second instance dealing with this animal. just because you own a dog, doesn't make it my responsibility. you want to own a vicious animal, the take the proper steps to keep it in your yard...sorry for the rant...

jbarthold said...

Gotta take a stand for dogs....damn cats kill for sport..songbirds, rabbits, you name it...feral cats are a huge threat to wildlife...and they are breeding unendingly...a dog can be faithful and protective...but as a times a menace..but folks lets keep perspective...cats are a presence, not a the country, a hollowpoint and coyotes are the only check on those fertile felines..

Tommy2x4 said...

ha! i like for you to say that while a pitbull is chewing your leg off!

Tommy2x4 said...

ha! i like for you to say that while a pitbull is chewing your leg off!

jbarthold said...

Hey, I concur about the pit-bull..where I ride all the doggies run free...some of them deserve a round in the lieu of that, kicking, yelling, spraying bleach (never done that one) and I guess pedaling like hell..hate it when they catch you on an uphill pull