Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Tonight: CDBG planning for New Albany.

If you’re reading from the vicinity of the S. Ellen Jones Neighborhood Association, Ted Fulmore’s S. Ellen Jones Forum may be of interest to you.

The purpose of this web log is to create a place where a constant exchange of ideas and creativity can take place about our neighborhood. Not everyone can attend our monthly meetings, so this site will serve as our other meeting place.

Yesterday, Ted used the forum to provide information that may be of interest to many New Albanians:

CDBG Planning for New Albany: Tuesday, February 14 – 7pm, Assembly Room 331 City-County Building

The staff of the redevelopment Commission shall conduct a public meeting concerning the nature of the Community Development Block Grant program; eligible and ineligible activities; programs areas and activities, as well as to discuss CDBG and its uses.

In short, funding's reduced, but the program is intact.

NA Confidential can't make tonight's CDBG meeting; if you can, and come back with a report, please use the comments section to provide it.


ceece said...

adam went, said he would have a review emailed to you in the morning!

Greg said...

Just a short overview:

The meeting was an informational session about how CDBG monies can and can't be used.

Total of 5 people showed up for the meeting.

2 people from the city: John Rosenbarger and a secretary.

3 community members in the audience: Adam Paris, Ted Fulmore and myself, Greg Roberts.

The meeting lasted for about 40 minutes, but good some information and discussion happened.

ceece said...

(from Adam)
The CDBG program essentially provides federal funds to improve areas in the city that are primarily used by low to moderate income levels. This program has been around for many years and has made many improvements to the community. They have very specific activities that are eligible and ineligible. The program has a five year plan in place to use these funds. There is approximately $748,860.00 available this year. This is a significant decrease over previous years. Some items that this money will be used for include: Improvements to the sidewalks in certain areas throughout the city, home repairs, improvements to city parks and a youth asset program. The next meeting is Tuesday March 14, 2006. It will be held at 7:00 PM at the City County Building. This goal of this meeting will be to address specific community needs for this money throughout FY 2006. The budget and plan for this year is already in place, however if you have specific ideas for how this money should be used (ie a specific area of sidewalk that is completely destroyed), contact your neighborhood association president or area council member. Anyone who is interested should attend the meeting, but it would be best to have one representative from each group or distric offer a specific and detailed request for the group they represent.

Greg and Ted – Feel free to add or make corrections.

Adam Paris

TedF said...

The comments above sum up the meeting well. There were some helpful handouts given at the meeting. Anyone interested in gettin copies should contact the Redevelopment Commission.

There is a plan to spend the funds. If you (or a group) believes that plan should be changed, the meeting on the 14th is your chance to make that request.