Thursday, February 16, 2006

Still searching for that elusive inner city church, "The Gary" announces his intention to buy, subdivide tonight's City Council agenda.

There's a City Council meeting tonight, and as we await the publication of an official agenda (to be found here), there's a news flash from Volunteer Hoosier: BULLETIN: "The Gary" on the Agenda.

Tonight, The Gary seeks to have the City Council override the decision/recommendation of the New Albany Plan Commission regarding the erection of a professional office complex at the northwest corner of Green Valley Road and Daisy Lane.

How long will it take for CM Coffey to denounce the Tribune's recent spotlighting of his grandstanding? Will CM Price try to best his own record of three mixed "Pandora's Box" metaphors in one evening? May we expect the distempered Brambleberry to snort his disrespect for the Pledge of Allegiance -- again?

Hot, hot, hot ... see you there.

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