Friday, February 24, 2006

Garton kills wine bill compromise, says let court decide.

The committee met, the Governor intervened, and a compromise was reached … and then:

Ind. Law - Garton kills wine bill compromise, says let court decide.

The decision dooms any movement this session on the wine shipping matter, which bubbled up last year when the Indiana Alcohol Tobacco Commission told wineries to stop shipping to in-state customers.

It’s enough to note that Sen. Garton – who has spent the current session under fire for various and sundry inadequacies -- later insisted that he was unaware of pending litigation until yesterday morning, this despite several months of public discussion since last fall’s court injunction.

The link above is to good coverage of yesterday’s events as offered by the outstanding Indiana Law Blog. For now, this will have to do; Gravity Head beckons.

Note to self: If Sen. Garton so much as tries to enter my pub, just do the pre-emptive thing and deny him entry. We have a right to refuse service to political charlatans, don't we?

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Tim Deatrick said...

its the Republicans way of protecting the distributors and keeping the small local players like The Hubers and Turtle Run Winery down and captive to the fat cat distributors it might be interesting to obtain Garton's campaign donation list and see if any of the wine distributors kick in to the garton campaign.