Thursday, June 05, 2014

John Gonder does not do gesture politics.

Thank heavens for that.

Main Entry: gesture politics
Part of Speech: n
Definition: any political action focused on public opinion or publicity rather than making a significant change or contribution
Usage: politics

Now, read as John denounces pre-constrained visions. Right on.

No Brainers

 ... This (Big Four pedestrian bridge) successful, concrete, example of a community-wide reach beyond our pre-constrained vision of the place we live, made me think of what other no-brainers, perhaps obscured by the darkness of our self-imposed limits, simply wait for a light bulb to click on to bring them into view.

Then, upon reflection, I thought, we are awash in a different kind of no-brainers as well, and it is those people that block out the light, whether for budgetary, or cognitive-comfort reasons. Or is it simply because they are, themselves, dim bulbs?

The no-brainers, however, that most interest me here are the ones which, if brought to life, would be widely recognized as positive additions to our local scene. Of course, the list here is by no means exhaustive.

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