Monday, January 14, 2013

Wayne: "Tolls are a regressive tax."

Why yes, that's correct, even if it has eluded Rep. Clere, Kerry Stemler, Bob Caesar, One Southern Indiana and the gang of Southern Indiana oligarchs backing the bridges boondoggle:

"Tolls are a regressive tax."

Bill would refund bridge tolls to low-income Kentuckians, by Tom Loftus (Courier-Journal)

FRANKFORT, KY. — Low-wage Kentuckians would get refunds of tolls they pay for trips to and from work over the Ohio River bridges under a House bill filed Friday.

“Tolls are a regressive tax. That means they hurt the low-income people disproportionately,” said Rep. Jim Wayne, D-Louisville, sponsor of House Bill 129. “A single mother cleaning toilets at the Sheraton should not pay an extra burden of $500 a year just to go to her workplace.”

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