Friday, January 18, 2013

January 26 Shadow Gala at BSB: Last call for ideas.

The New Albany Bicentennial Gala will be worshiping the past to the exclusion of the future on Saturday, January 26, at the Grand.

Given that a gal a day always worked fine for me (thanks, Groucho), it's one of those paint-by-numbers, big-ticket, business-as-usual productions that we'd expect from the Coup d'Geriatrique, and I simply cannot muster the energy to care very much.

By the way, exhaustion with the irreversible mandates of genteel opinion is why NABC will skip brewing its Bicentennial beer, and instead fashion one for the Tricentennial in 2113. Drink now, celebrate later. That's a full one hundred years away, and so once again, the city has at least a fighting chance to get a commemorative right ... next time.

Does anyone want to have a Shadow Gala Party in the Reading Room at Bank Street Brewhouse on the evening of the 26th? If so, should there be a theme? Maybe "Hoptimus Vs. the DAR"?

A midnight walk to piss on Rent Boy Park as a sort of baptism, pre-birth?

Or, maybe just drink some beers? Let me know, either here or at the usual channels.


The Reverend Bob said...

I think it's a magnificent idea but, alas, I will be gigging.

SBAvanti63 said...

Maybe Gregg Seidl could do a Drinking with the Dead tour that evening at The Grand ...

Jeff Gillenwater said...

I can't top SB, but in the general spirit:

Free Beer Tomorrow: the only forward-thinking event this evening.