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Indiana constitutional same-sex marriage ban 3: With second round beginning, time for Rep. Clere to be specific about human rights.

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In 2010, Rep. Ed Clere famously refused to sign the GOP pledge to support a Constitutional same-sex marriage ban, citing the state of the economy and other potential distractions, but refraining from indicating a personal viewpoint.

In 2011, Clere even more famously did not join every last one of his GOP colleagues, and instead voted against the amendment, again citing extraneous reasons, but revealing nothing about his stance when it comes to the broader, fundamental discussion about civil rights and human freedoms.

Now it's 2013, and another legislative round is about to begin. By virtue of his lonely position, whatever its conceptual origin, Clere now has become the go-to Republican darling for bored journalists seeking the rogue, the dissident ... the rebel breaking ranks.

Trouble is, he's no more of a rebel than any stray Kardashian, persisting in finding bountiful reasons for opposing the constitutional same-sex marriage ban so long as the essential point is not addressed.

I keep looking for it, though. Couldn't find it here ...

UPDATE: Turner urges Indiana House to vote on gay marriage amendment, by Eric Bradner (Evansville Courier & Press)

INDIANAPOLIS — An influential Republican says the Indiana House should vote this year on a constitutional same-sex marriage ban, but the chamber's leaders are not yet saying how they'll handle the issue.

Rep. Eric Turner of Cicero, the Republican who has repeatedly introduced the measure and served as its chief advocate in the House, said he is filing it again during this year's four-month session and wants to see it get a vote ...

... Rep. Ed Clere of New Albany, the only Republican who opposed the same-sex marriage ban when the House voted for the first time on it in 2011, said the court's decision is one reason lawmakers should wait.

Another, he said, is the opposition of businesses such as Columbus, Ind.-based engine maker Cummins, Inc. that say such a ban would hurt their efforts to recruit top talent.

Clere said some of his colleagues are increasingly wary of moving forward with it.

"That's been going on for two years, since the first vote, and it's picked up a lot recently. I've been hearing from a lot of folks," he said. "I think there are other legislators besides me who have additional concerns."

 ... or here.

Support for Indiana gay marriage ban may be wavering, by Maureen Hayden (Goshen News/CNHI)

 ... Only one Republican in the GOP-controlled General Assembly voted no on the measure during that 2011 vote: State Rep. Ed Clere of New Albany.

Clere, who continues to oppose the measure for a long list of reasons, said he won’t be the only Republican to vote against it the next time. “Clearly, a shift has occurred,” he said.

Clere said he’s been approached by state lawmakers who voted for the constitutional ban in 2011 but are now wavering in their support.

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