Monday, January 28, 2013

And only one of them is dead. Well, maybe two.

To see the Freedom to Screech man of the year for the 2013 edition, a guy who has been dead since 2011, find the highlighted link below.

To learn who the outstanding women are (I believe they're all living), go here.

I print these in their hilarious entirety without correcting grammatical errors, because there is no need to drive traffic to FOS when the laughs can be right here.



The heart of a city is it's people. These men stand up for the best interest for New Albany citizens.

They work hard and play by the rules. And most of all they look out for their neighbors, co-workers, and the many needs of the "little people" of New Albany.

It's well known these men have:

* Supported the best interest for New Albany citizens

* Worked with local groups to provide food and supplies for the needy

* Listened to concerns of the public

* Not afraid to stand up for the rights of us citizens

* Supports the best interest of fellow employees

* They put their lives on the line for all New Albany citizens

* Successful businessman who give back to our community

* Goes above and beyond to bring detailed information to the table

* They always lend a helping hand to the citizens of New Albany

* Dedicated to real public service

Freedom Of Speech salutes and appreciates these outstanding 10 men, and their courage to stand up for what is right. These men through generosity and compassion devote themselves to helping others.

They are a great example of leadership in New Albany:

Todd Bailey - Former Police Chief

David Brewer - New Albany Building Commissioner

Ed Clere - State Representative

Matt Denison - Former City Operation Manager

Brian Gadd - Asst. Fire Chief

Roger Jeffers - Newly Appointed Floyd County Parks Superintendent

Maurice King - Former Citizens Advocate

Chris Morris - Editor, New Albany Tribune

John Schellenberger - 4th District County Council

Bill Schmidt - Former City Councilman, and private citizen

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