Thursday, January 19, 2012

(2) Council work session: River View project now to come in three phases, parking first, condos last.

Resident parking now separated from general parking. All residential units current have balconies and a river view. Retail also somewhat separated from the residential component.

Also: Despite interest, some people couldn't imagine the financing being gotten, and given the position of banks, now there'll be a phased-in approach.

Businesses being moved to the Main Street quadrant, now the plan is for Retail Phase 1. Now they can begin with the retail , and only phase the residential in slowly over time ... which directly contradicts Mr. Bobo's assertion that the sole reason for the River View project is bringing residential to downtown. Includes all parking, which will be done FIRST.

Phase 2: Apartments, because the market is better for rentals.

Phase 3: Only then, in two or three years, the condo phase is launched. He emphasizes that this phased approach now helps all aspects of the plan, because it "builds on itself."

Which is to say: We can't get all the money at one time. This is a very big change over previous plans.

(to be continued)

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