Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Kentucky Colonels of the ABA, and Chinese billionaires in the NBA?

Mrs. Confidential purchased the book for me as a Christmas present, and I'm slated to start reading soon.

Kentucky Colonels Event!

On Saturday, January 21 at 4 PM, Carmichael's is thrilled to host Gary P. West and Lloyd "Pink" Gardner, authors of the book Kentucky Colonels of the American Basketball Association: The Real Story of a Team Left Behind. Come hear the inside story of the Kentucky Colonels basketball team as only these two authors can tell it. Lloyd Gardner was trainer for the Colonels and Gary West a sportswriter and color commentator. They tell a fascinating story featuring dozens of colorful characters including owners, agents, and players associated with this legendary championship team. This event is free and open to all.
Note also this interesting post: Woah, Is This A J. Bruce Miller NBA Meltdown?, at The 'Ville Voice blog.


Matt Nash said...

The Colonels were great.

I bet they could have made it big in the NBA if Gahan wouldn't have kept Malysz on payroll thirty years later.

bnsears said...

I have this book, autographed by Lloyd Gardner, and I know Gary West from my days in Bowling Green, KY. Too bad they didn't put up the money to join the NBA. Great book and a must read for ABA fans.