Sunday, July 03, 2016

Top Ten posts at NA Confidential for June, 2016.

Resch strikes again.

Thanks for reading NA Confidential, where we annoyingly burrow beneath the headlines to offer unique local perspectives. June was yet another gratifying month in terms of blog traffic, and the posts highlighted here attest to a keen interest for local stories, perhaps because they're not being served elsewhere.

For as long as we've been compiling "top ten" lists, these statistics have remained somewhat constant. Formerly the rankings forming these lists were based on what I believed, mistakenly or otherwise, to be unique hits.

Perhaps this is an archaic concept, and speaking personally, I'm about as non-technical as a blogger can be, but the long and short of it is that at some point, something changed. It may have to do with a new definition of comprehensive "stats" as defined by Google.

I really don't know, and it doesn't matter very much, because it's easy to see that the busier a post at the Facebook portal, the higher the numbers here. The proportions are the same, and that's good enough for me.

The list begins with ten "honorable mention" posts, before concluding with the Top Ten, escalating to No. 1.




A Band-Aid will do, so a relieved Bob Caesar takes down his GoFundMe page for Spring Street Hill.


Learn more and get on board the Fresh Stop Market -- a “pop up” farm-fresh food market, coming next week.


Where is the best place to put a bike rack? (A clue: not where it blocks a sidewalk).


Painting and patio-building at Big Four Burgers NA.


Or, as he was known to my friends, Rog Sr.


BREAKING: City of New Albany reveals big new branding logo for Summit Springs.


ON THE AVENUES: High atop Summit Springs with friends (and relatives) in low places.


I have an idea. Let's cut down the shade tree by the bus stop in high summer!


Why hasn't Gary Humphrey thought of this for the River City Winery?


Last of the red hot Duggins: Come for the council meeting, stay for the floor show.



McMahan to tackle renovating the 22,000-sq-ft building at 640 State Street, henceforth dubbed Falling Run Commons.


Injuries apparently were minor, but another driver struck another walker yesterday at Spring and Vincennes. Repeat after me: "Water park!"


Otherwise known as the Ernst Röhm wing of the Clark County Republican Party.


Nothing to see here. Just a city work crew filling potholes in a private parking lot.


Sam's at the Montrose goes, and Rails Craft Brew & Eatery arrives.


Top Ten posts at NA Confidential for May, 2016.


Now it's official: Aladdin's Cafe is moving to Underground Station in July.


Here's what I did to beat the "blocking street sweeper" citation scam. Why should anyone pay?


You know, the building where J.O. Endris used to be, and now the scene of another Bergman refit.


You know, that building where Ace Loan & Sporting Goods used to be (110 E Market St).

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