Monday, June 20, 2016

Sam's at the Montrose goes, and Rails Craft Brew & Eatery arrives.

Rails on Facebook.

The second location of Rails Craft Brew & Eatery will take over the Sam's at the Montrose space. Rails is from Seymour, and as with Flat12 Bierwerks before it, I think you'll see more "northern" independent food and drink businesses opening branches hereabouts.

My cherished hope always has been for Three Floyds Brewing Company to be one of them. A boy can dream.

Meanwhile, all the best to Sam Anderson at his Highlander Point shop. This might well be good thinking on the part of all involved.

Sam's at the Montrose closes in Clarksville; Rails Craft Brew & Eatery to take over Clarksville building, by Chris Morris (Forever Clark County)

... Sam Anderson, who owns the building and operated Sam's at the Montrose, said the move makes sense. Sam's at the Montrose was open five days a week since opening 2 1/2 years ago after a fire destroyed Sam's Food & Spirits in New Albany in December 2013. Anderson said his Sam's restaurant at Highlander Point will remain open seven days a week and continue its catering operation. The Highlander Point restaurant has been open since 1991.

"This is a good thing. They will be open seven days a week and this will allow us to focus on one location in Floyds Knobs," Anderson said. "They are turning [Montrose building] into more of a destination. It's time to let someone else drive the boat for a while."


Shane Campbell said...

Happy this beautiful location is being given over to something...else but after checking out the link to Rail's website, I'm not so encouraged. Looks like another Sysco restaurant with no emphasis on their drinks program. Pretty much what was already there and couldn't make it.

The New Albanian said...

Can't argue with this. I suppose I'm intrigued by any business leading with "Craft Brew," so the burden of proof for me will be the beer program.

Seth Lieber said...

I don't think anything will survive this location.

The New Albanian said...

Seth - it might seem that way, but I was told exactly the same thing when we started the Public House circa 1990. A true destination business defies location in the traditional sense. Maybe Rails can do this, maybe not. One key is marketing to New Albany. This location is closer to NA than what people BELIEVE is Clarksville.