Sunday, June 01, 2014

Three World Cup matches, three new beers. What we need are munchies.

On June 16, 22 and 26, the USA plays Ghana, Portugal and Germany, respectively, in the FIFA World Cup. Because the World Cup is being held in Brazil, the time zones make sense for American viewers -- thank you, Sepp Blatter.

Now, run off and count your bribes.

As previewed recently in this space, NABC has brewed three special "one off" beers for the occasion of the matches, and will debut them at viewing parties held inside our bricks and mortar. After being tapped on game day, they will continue to pour until depleted.

Monday, June 16 (evening), USA vs Ghana Citra Passion Ale ... both NABC locations
Sunday, June 22 (evening), USA vs Portugal "Super Bock" ... Bank Street Brewhouse
Thursday, June 26 (lunchtime), USA vs Germany Sticke Alt ... both NABC locations

Here's the preview link again:

NABC World Cup Trilogy for 2014: USA vs. Ghana, Portugal and Germany

Seeing as we have embarked upon a new direction at Bank Street Brewhouse in terms of food (if you are just tuning in, the kitchen is no longer active there and BSB is a brewery taproom only), there's an obvious challenge. What to do about nourishment during these World Cup promotions, and in such a themed matter as the beers?

Note that at the Pizzeria & Public House, there are no problems; life goes on as usual there. 

German food needs no introduction hereabouts. Having visited Portugal precisely once, I can offer dishes like salt cod (numerous modes of presentation) and tripe stew as being representative of native cuisine there. Probably few of us have been to Ghana, and so Wikipedia provides a few clues.

Ideas, anyone? Would any local caterers or eateries like to get creative and partner with us to feed World Cup watchers on these dates? If so, let me know.

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