Friday, February 28, 2014

The Floyd County Health Department admits to being mistaken ... in only one instance, but hey, it's a start.

The Floyd County Health Department was represented at yesterday's snoozer of a DNA restaurant seminar by Julia Hayes.

She was there to explain temporary food serving permits, and of course, while doing so, she reaffirmed that her agency will be ignoring the Indiana Attorney General's recent decision in favor of NABC and again requiring registration for beer-pouring events in 2014, primarily because this numbnutted tactic provides Mark Seabrook, Steve Bush, Rick Fox and Doctor Tommy with the sort of adolescent orgasms largely unavailable to them otherwise .. but I digress.

Julia reminded the scant seven attendees that if food is being served or vended for a non-profit organization, of which Develop New Albany is one, permits (and their fees ... which have been waived for beer vendors, rendering the department's fine system meaningless) need not be acquired, although of course inspections still may be conducted.

Wait, I thought to myself.

Didn't the FCHD raid last year's Excruciatingly New Albany summer's lawn party and issue a bushel of citations? As the newspaper link buried within NAC's coverage verifies ...

Heard it through the grapevine: This year's Extrapolative New Albany.

 ... yes, it did.

So, I had to ask her about this, and as I began, it was time for DNA's seminar organizers to shush me, saying they'd already worked it out privately with the health fascists. I replied that yes, privacy is the whole point; where I come from, we'd like such matters to be revealed publicly. Julia explained that the FCHD's agent didn't know the event was being sponsored by a non-profit (yawn), so the citations were issued mistakenly.

That's right: The FCHD publicly admitted to being mistaken in the case of DNA, but not in the case of NABC, and all the while, whatever accommodation DNA's resident consultant (Hizz-former-honor?) worked out last year needed to remain private, not public.

I'm making up none of this. It's all true. And you still don't understand why I'm jaundiced?

If it wasn't for this blog, would stories like these ever be told?

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