Sunday, October 21, 2012

Whatever happened to the Potty Police, anyway?

Ever since we learned of the Gahan administration's decision to "end sewer privatization," something's been nagging me, and finally I've realized exactly what it is.

New Albany's vigilante Potty Police have released no crayon-encrusted communiques of potted pontification, that's what.

In fact, what has happened to the Potty Police? Our local sewage spotters haven't been mentioned here in more than a year. Perhaps they've taken to the depths and are crashing on the Phantom of the Dope-ra's mattresses.

The New Albanist's Dictionary (compiled by your friendly blog host) provides a helpful definition:

Potty police
Self-deputized sewer enforcement officials with a localized Freudian twist who await the arrival of the g-man in the sewer submarine, who’ll come up from below and require a full audit.

Just think about those long years; as the city coped with the EPA's ongoing mandates, the Potty Police were there, tossing nickels around like blown manhole covers. Now they're gone. Or are they? Could this be their best undercoverground operation yet? Only time will tell.

From November, 2005, this might be the first mention of the Potty Police at NAC:

New Albany's POTTY POLICE take the LOW road, but only because that's the one leading DOWN to the sewer.

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