Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Tanned, rested, ready and appreciative.

If you have not already heard, there was an election yesterday, and I lost it.

I’ll have more to say about my personal experience with the electoral process later today, or perhaps tomorrow. First, some much delayed business at work must be finished. In the interim, please be assured that even in defeat, I’m positively elated with the results.

My appreciation cannot be delayed, so please accept one huge, all-purpose, humble THANK YOU to all 1,341 of you who defied local convention, saw past the usual obstructionist blather, and made a compelling collective statement about the primacy of thinking versus the dull platitudes of party business as usual.

As you know, I violated each and every sacred rule of local campaigning, didn’t once fluff the hierarchy, refused to wear a suit, ran lean and green, stood in full view as a commie/atheist/liberal/gadfly, spent less than fifty bucks, bought no newspaper advertising and planted not a single offensive yard sign … and 1,341 of you approved because it's the thought that counts.

Yes, it wasn't quite enough ... this time around. But it’s one hell of a good start, and I cannot thank you enough for it. My only regret is being denied the chance to enjoy a campaign spent denouncing the malignant Republican platform.

Side note to Shea Van Hoy of the News and Tribune: When’s the column coming back? I can get you 900 words for tomorrow by 10:00 a.m. today; right now, in fact. Piece of cake. At least 1,341 people are eager to read all about it, and now more than ever, the newspaper needs it. Whaddya say?


Unknown said...

Tanned and rested? Oh,Brother. Here, like in so many other ways, you are ahead of us. Keep shedding light in dark corners, stimulating thought, and insisting on high standards. For sure your loss from the Council disappoints, but also sure it will leave time for other worthwhile pursuits.

The New Albanian said...

I couldn't find a place to use one of my favorite words, facetious, and so I made the title facetious.

Voila, etc.

Peter Feimer said...

Congratulations on your campaign despite the loss. Some losses are not losses. As "Claire" said, "Keep shedding light in dark corners...and insisting on high standards". If ever there were an illustration of the need for an active, challenging press, it is New Albany politics. Well done.