Sunday, May 15, 2011

River View: Newspaper editorial expresses "hopes" for economic development.

That the News and Tribune's editorial board persists in perpetuating a fallacy, wherein the YNCA and River View both are cut from the same bolt of economic development cloth, is depressing. There are other reasons to be depressed, but at least it goes to show that someone's reading DNA's press releases.

OUR OPINION: River View risk could bring rewards

... There is no question $12 million is a lot of money, and an economic risk. What happens if the city builds the garage, the economy tanks again and the proposed condominiums and other retail slated for the development fail to materialize? The city and its citizens would be stuck holding a $12 million parking garage, a garage that would sit empty and be the punch line of future jokes.

But in order to grow and attract businesses, governments sometimes have to take a leap of faith, and provide incentives. That is what New Albany is doing. The city would build the garage, with hopes it will spur development.


Jeff Gillenwater said...

I don't suppose one can expect much in the way of answers from a paper that doesn't seem to have much interest in questions.

DNA's "political from the non-political" River View endorsement, distributed by both mass email and press release, has disappeared from the group's home page.

That's at least partially owing to the fact that it was issued without the consent of the DNA board.

Another newspaper might ask how or why someone would abuse their position within the organization in a cynical attempt to establish credibility under false pretenses, who that someone(s) is, the multiple conflicts of interest inherent, and the public funding involved.

Luckily for the afflicted/conflicted, there's no need to worry with such mainstream media sunlight in New Albany. Maybe DNA board member Ed Clere will gloss over it in his next column and we can just count that as news.

Iamhoosier said...


The Jeffersonville based editorial board needs to get their head out of their ass. $12 million is 1/3 of the total project. The garage has to be built FIRST. How in the hell does that compare to the "Y"? Not even close to the same "risk".


Just quit the charade and use the name Clark County Evening News. You really don't give a shit and you really don't have a clue. Coach K was not perfect(who is?)but the effects of this merger are becoming painfully clear already. New Albany just doesn't exist. What do we have? A sports reporter/photographer.


G Coyle said...

I think you guys are the dumb-asses, for being flagrantly duped for years into reading a dumb and dumber advertising, legal notices, and classified ego jack off on the part of there three employees whose stated mission is not news, it's PROFIT.

I mean, a newspaper with real investigative reporting is just kinda a key bolt in the machinery of freedom and democracy. The N&T, like some pimply 12 year old, wants to narcotize readers with sports and more sports until you forget the world outside Indiana basketball even exists.

Pretty soon a handful of really rich white guys in Indy are taking basic female health care away from the poor and loosening already loose environmental standards, and demanding lower corporate taxes in a state that already has some of the lowest corporate taxes, and managing to do all this on the backs of hard working middle class people!! Don't forget destroying public education, but really, when their are so many many sports to cover.

You know, I have strong opinions, and people in Boston get a kick outta 'em, I can't figure out why the "newspaper" here never calls me...