Friday, May 20, 2011

Right on: Columnist Nash calls a truce on calling truces.

Matt nails it, but he'd better be careful. As soon as the half-dozen Clere Channel fluffers read this, those anonymous Kitchen Linoleum attacks will resume. You'd think retired, discredited former council members and aspiring female mayoral candidates would have better things to do, but after all, this is Nawbany -- land of the Liteweight, home of the hooded.

NASH: Are we headed in the right direction?

... It is not yet clear what our governor’s decision will be about his future political aspirations. It is clear that he is pandering to the extreme right wing of his party in order to make an impression in Iowa and New Hampshire. Hoosier voters, who helped to send Barack Obama to the White House in 2008, have been blind sided by this sharp turn to the right. Yes it is true that elections have consequences, I just hope that the situation can be rectified before further damage is done.

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