Thursday, October 29, 2009

It'd take more than $3.5 million to clean up that stinking mess.

Now that he's intervened with the Feds to provide monies unavailable from Indiana to spend on local projects that none of us can afford because of the state of Indiana's peculiar Norquistian fiscal starvation fetish, can St. Rep. Clere assist the city of New Albany by obtaining economic stimulus funding to help the city clean up its most dangerous and threatening toxic waste problem?

I'm speaking of Dan Coffey's career on the city council.

Just curious: How many Republicans out there would have voted (or actually did vote) against the economic stimulus package? Just tweaking, mind you.

Meanwhile, read all about Georgetown's day in the sun, sewer-wise: Stimul-yes! Georgetown gets $3.5 million for wastewater treatment facility (News and Tribune).


dan chandler said...

Much of the federal stimulus money flowed through state agencies. There’s still many millions that Indiana agencies have yet to allocate. The deadlines for announcements are coming up. I hope more good news on the way. I doubt this sewer deal is the only one Ed’s been working on.

bayernfan said...

Ed has said he's also been working on the grant for housing rehab for SEJ neighborhood. Hopefully, we'll be able to get some money for it this time around.

Jeff Gillenwater said...

Oh, the irony.