Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Open air rooles.

“Our intensions are to put the pieces together and see what we come up with.”

Prof. Erika probably means “intentions,” but hey – she’s the transgendered faux professor, although I am flattered to be included in the “Plaintiffs spew their venom” section, which is the highlight of Freedom to Screech’s most recent puff piece precisely because they’re our words – not hers.

It lends her work an aura of class and authenticity, don't you think?

Prof. Erika says that a redistricting ordinance, presumably last winter’s farcical and forgettable Schmidt plan, has been passed, and that no other is required. Unfortunately, she somehow forgets that a Federal judge laughed the same plan out of court, which is the reason why former council president and longtime wannabeen Larry Kochert’s last-second “Hail Mary” pass was unceremoniously deflected by the US Constitution, landing harmlessly in the Port-A-Can posted at the 50-yard line.


Forget the misspellings, bad grammar and plagiarism. For someone so fond of insisting on playing by the "rules", Prof. Erika seems entirely unaware of more than a few elementary guidelines. Then again, playing by the "rules" implies signing your name to what you write, offering consistent attributions, and being accountable for the idiocy that ensues.

And yet, improbably, it gets even funnier.

Because Prof. Erika refuses to allow comments and discussion, local wee ones outraged by another of Roger’s signed commentaries at a blog they claim not to read will log on to Mrs. Baird’s otherwise constructive public affairs blog and – that’s right – spew their venom toward me … anonymously.

With enduring dysfunction like that coming from people who say they know the “rules”, it’s small wonder non-entities like Steve Price and Dan Coffey make it into office.

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