Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Toss in Schonbrunn, and you've got a deal.

When I see this ...

... I think of this.

From a relic of New Albany's past to the most intriguing building in Vienna (a city filled with noteworthy architecture), it's the difference between the Austrian capital's Hundertwasser Haus and our Hundred (and One) reasons not.

But, joyfully, there's a trace of the trademark Habsburg mustard yellow in the newest building to go up in the Shiloh Place condo development on 6th Street as it crosses the levee to the waterfront.


G Coyle said...

I think this complex is the sort of smart in-fill that we are trying to describe to people like Scott Adams. Can't figure out why he can't see this sort of development as an example of what he could do in town.

edward parish said...

A huge pat on the back to Larry Brenda for taking a once ET Slider concrete plant and making a beaut of a complex out of it. Cannot imagine living next to one of our substations and the railroad, but the view of the river is killer. Shawn Parker gave me a guided tour of the first structure, which I found to be all real nice.

Isn't the old McDonald Grain site toxic much of why it is still juct standing?