Monday, May 29, 2006

It was a good Memorial Day -- for paint sales.

A new coat is being applied to one of the contiguous buildings that make up the old Fair Store (on Market Street, by Little Chef; across from the Grand and Bistro New Albany).

Over on Main Street, the building that recently was the Abe’s Rental annex (north side of the street, opposite the 1940’s-era art/deco filling station) also is being painted and renovated.

Unfortunately, it looks like two (or more) ghost ads are about to disappear.

As I was taking these pictures, a woman leaned out of a pickup truck that had just been boarded by the painters (they appeared to be off to lunch), and said an office was going to occupy the building.

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Rick Carmickle said...

the old Abe's Party store is owned by Liz at Home, she is moving her store back to New Albany. She once was in the White House Centre, then moved to Sellersburg, it will be nice to have her back downtown.

One thing about the ghost ad, it was for a store that I just barely remember, Karl Finger, a variety store of sorts, I think they closed late 50's or early 60's.

About six years ago we had to move my Grandmother out of her house of 80 plus years, she still had items with a Karl Finger price tag on them in the pantry.