Monday, May 23, 2005

Another view: Floyd County Commissioner Charles Freiberger on the proposed Grant Line Road annex

Previously at NA Confidential, we observed the green space opposite the emerging Applebee’s on Grant Line Road, and wrote "Board of Commissioners votes in favor of Grant Line sprawl, adjourns to view American Idol."

My former high school basketball teammate and current 2nd District Commissioner Charles Freiberger responded promptly to a request for information, and provides this perspective of last week’s vote in favor of building a new office annex.

“As always is the case, there is another side to the story.

“The purchase of Northside Christian would have cost $3 million with about $2 million more in remodeling. You still have an old building.

“We don't have to purchase land; we have the land. The youth shelter is better located on Grant Line Road because of the park usage.

“No more sprawl will take place. We are just replacing our building with another one. The road frontage has never been talked about being sold. In the future, it becomes space for our expansion if needed. This keeps us from having to have more than one construction site, which reduces costs.

“The downtown might experience more county employees in the future, because the probation offices will probably end up in the City-County Building when the basement offices are moved to the Grant Line Road area. This puts all our court-related people downtown (more people downtown than leaving).

“Thanks for sending me the e-mail.”

Charles A. Freiberger - 2nd District. Lafayette & Greenville Townships


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