Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Sodrel in spin mode at news of possible Greenway funding reprieve

Finally there is hopeful news about federal funding for the embryonic Ohio Valley Greenway project.

Greenway trail along riverfront might get $3.1 million boost, by Alex Davis
(limited shelf life on C-J links).

It’s fun to watch as the 9th District Congressman, Mike “Sod Diesel” Sodrel, continues to furiously backpedal from his previously quoted assertion that the Greenway is a “feel-good project,” a pronouncement that had the rare and beneficial effect of uniting informed opinion in New Albany, Clarksville and Jeffersonville.

The Courier-Journal’s Davis now finds a whimpering Sodrel begging not to be taken out of context, and denying ill intent in his comments:

"I got beat up pretty bad by a lot of local folks because I said this was a quality-of-life project, and not economic development," (Sodrel) said in a telephone interview. "But I never said I was going to pull the plug on it."

NA Confidential to Mike Sodrel:

Quality-of-life is economic development.


curmudgeon said...

Nice shot, RAB.

It is one of my rarely shaken theories that in a very important way we ARE the way we say things.

Re. the "Sod"... he seems to have the typical American thick-headedness, especially as it concerns the true nature of "money" -- or, if you will, "development." I would add "education" and "ethics" to my top five. As in... words that consistently and chronically get abused by the American ethos.

English is the only language I know, and I revel in its complexity, wit, and comforting (when conquered) syntax. As I delight, I also cringe and despair at the abuse of the language at the hands of clodhoppers.

As Sam Clemens may have put it: my president is dumb; my congressman is dumb; and I'm not feeling too well myself.

Tim Deatrick said...

What is appropiate here is an actual Mark Twain Quote: "Suppose you were an idiot and suppose you were a member of Congress. But I repeat myself." - Mark Twain, a Biography