Saturday, May 28, 2005

Bolovschakite slander against NA City Controller Garry?

With unanticipated authority, the New Albany Tribune devotes the front-page marquee on a Memorial Day weekend Saturday to the continuing fall-out from the City Council meeting of May 19:

"New Albany City Controller Kay Garry is taking a firm stand against people who have questioned her in her capacity as the city's chief financial officer.

"Garry said yesterday that allegations made against her at a May 19 City Council meeting have provoked her to take legal action.

"Garry is talking about accusations that were made against her and New Albany Mayor James Garner by New Albany resident and business owner Valla Ann Bolovschak. During that meeting, Bolovschak demanded that the council request an investigation into what she called malfeasance and misappropriations from Garner's administration and Garry."

From City official considering legal action after accusations, by Amany Ali, Tribune City Editor.

Read more at Volunteer Hoosier:

"At the last, and momentous, city council meeting, (Councilman Bill) Schmidt and his minions launched a reprehensible attack on Mrs. Garry's integrity. There is no other word for it. The charges were baseless and mean-spirited. Under the now monotonous banner of "we don't know," a bitter city resident, taking her cues from a small-minded cadre of fellow believers, demanded that council make a criminal referral against Mrs. Garry for what turned out to be "what-if" spreadsheet entries."

From May I Be the First to Say ... by Randy Smith, Volunteer Hoosier blog.

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