Sunday, May 08, 2005

Catching up on previous stories 'round town

Ted Fulmore of the Historic Preservation Commission recently was spotted mowing the grass at the Cardinal Ritter house at 13th and Oak. As Ted reminds us, work to restore the property is moving forward, and he expresses confidence that within a year or so, the restoration will be completed.

According to the Cardinal Ritter Birthplace Foundation, possible future uses for the house include a “Hispanic ministry, an ecumenical coffeehouse and a family care center.”

Dec. 13, 2004: History at 13th and Oak in New Albany

I’ve been told that the Downtown New Albany Merchants Association will meet again on Tuesday, May 10, in the White House Center on Pearl Street. If Rick Carmickle is reading, please give us a head’s up as to what’s on tap for the Tuesday meeting.

March 16, 2005: CJ's Moss checks in on Rick Carmickle and the Downtown New Albany Merchants Association

Jan. 16, 2005: Whither downtown retail - the Tribune views the Downtown Merchant's Association

Changes are on the horizon at California’s Coffee House (1515 E. Market). On Thursday, owner Rey Espinosa told me that expansion is underway to accommodate increased food offerings, and that the Los Indios Mexican restaurant (several area locations) will be involved. Rey didn’t reveal the exact nature of the relationship with Los Indios, but I’m looking forward to it.

March 18, 2005: UPDATED: California's Coffee House up and running at 1515 E. Market

Al Goodman, who has extensive plans to develop the old Moser Tannery complex of buildings into a museum with condos and offices, has weathered bad fortune, including a roof collapse this winter, but things are moving forward.

Al appeared before the Board of Public Works & Safety last week to request road improvements on Silver Street and permission to post signage on Spring Street pointing the way to his property, and he noted that the gate is open and the Loop Island Wetlands are accessible to the public during daylight hours daily.

Jan. 4, 2005: Moser Tannery roof collapse

Dec. 4, 2004: Ohio River Greenway and Mike Sodrel's motorized transport fetishes


jon faith said...

I also spoke to Senor Espinosa yesterday and he informed me that he presently finalizing a relationship with Starbucks, that he will use their beans and coffees soon, perhaps this week. It was a placid experience at the CCH, jazz was playing and the staff ever-friendly.

The New Albanian said...

Jon, I forgot Rey's mention of Starbucks, which surprised me because I didn't know Starbucks sold to outside vendors that way.

Brandon and I certainly enjoyed our visit on Thursday.

edward parish said...

It must be one heck of a deal that the CCH has pulled off with Starbucks. The only other outside venues I have seen Starbucks in are mega chain grocery stores and Barnes & Noble Booksellers.

TedF said...

I took a jogging tour of Loop Island Saturday morning. It was a wonderful experience. Mallards were swimming happily, fish jumping, and a massive heron flying overhead. The view from the river bank was inspiring. I encourage all to pay a visit.

Jeff Gillenwater said...

As glad as I am to hear of a possible Los Indios partnership and as much as I want to support locals, the Starbucks deal has me wondering if I'll ever purchase coffee from CCH again- a real bummer considering our eminent proximity. I'd happily pay a bit more for fair trade and/or locally roasted beans.

The New Albanian said...

Bluegill, I think my forgetting about the Starbucks connection was reflective of cognitive dissonance. I didn't want to remember it, such was my disappointment.

Brandon W. Smith said...

I was with Roger when Rey mentioned the Star Bucks. I was confused as to whether he would sell Star Bucks coffee as brewed in their cafes, or whether he would use their beans, etc. to mix his own brews. He mentioned something about liking Star Bucks because he could get the desired strength of coffee with fewer beans.

I'm not much of a coffee drinker and TAZO teas are sub-par...but that still leaves those tamales!

curmudgeon said...

Before I risk an on-site review... do they still play religious music?

I also wonder if they sell my favorite: micro-waved Haxwell Mouse Instant.

The New Albanian said...

Last time I was there, Mexican music was playing. Before that, it was soft jazz.

Wheelhouse said...

This talk of CCH and Starbucks is a KUUUUURAAAAHK.

At best, Rey is mistaking buying bags of Starbucks from Kroger and passing it off. At worst, Rey figures Hoosiers are a bunch of hicks who'd never know the diff.

This drinker wouldn't patronize a S'bux if it gave the stuff away. But like Mr. Smith, I do love them tuhmahlees.