Wednesday, July 06, 2016


Welcome to another installment of SHANE'S EXCELLENT NEW WORDS, a regular Wednesday feature at NA Confidential.

But why all these new words?

Why not the old, familiar, comforting words, like the ones you're sure to hear when subjected to (tortuous) explanations about the patriotic imperative of fireworks on August 6?

It's because a healthy vocabulary isn't about intimidation through erudition. Rather, it's about selecting the right word and using it correctly, whatever one's pay grade or station in life.

Even perennially beak-wetting, bond-engorged municipal corporate attorneys can benefit from this enlightening expansion of personal horizons, and really, as we contemplate what they knew and when they knew it, all we have left is plenty of time -- and the opportunity to learn something, if we're so inclined.

Today's word is tortuosity.



noun, plural tortuosities

1. the state of being tortuous; twisted form or course; crookedness.

2. a twist, bend, or crook.

3. a twisting or crooked part, passage, or thing.

Origin of tortuosity: 1595-1605; < Late Latin tortuōsitās. See tortuous, -ity

As used in a sentence:

I hesitated to ask the former mayor why he suspended enforcement of parking ordinances downtown, as the sheer tortuosity of his anticipated response and ensuing self-justification was enough to make me fear for my sanity.  

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