Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Wouldn't it be nice if New Albany officials spoke publicly about the economic benefits of complete streets?

... you know, instead of remaining perpetually on the down-low, and refusing to modify one-way streets, and always finding auto-centric rationalizations for what little they actually do in pretending they're reforming the street grid?

Then again, for New Albany public officials to speak publicly about the economic benefits of complete streets implies that they'd have to understand what these benefits are.

And they don't. Because if they did, wouldn't they be talking about them publicly?

Scott Lane is a transportation planner in Raleigh. He's talking openly about the economic benefits of complete streets. Meanwhile, New Albany's John Rosenbarger ... well, have there been coherent utterances from the Oracle of Timeserving lately, apart from the meeting when he explained the clear-cutting down by the river?

Didn't think so.

Show me the money: Why complete streets make economic sense (Stantec)

The economic benefits of walkable cities are often overshadowed by the health benefits – but they shouldn’t be.

By Scott Lane, Senior Transportation Planner (Raleigh, NC)

We know that walking and cycling can help extend and enhance your life, but we seldom think about how these two modes of travel – collectively called ‘active modes’ – can enhance business opportunities. But if more cities and towns took a hard look at the numbers, I think they’d see there is a strong case for creating complete streets in their communities.

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Iamhoosier said...

It would be nice if they spoke about much of anything--before it happens.