Wednesday, March 30, 2016

There's been a fire. Consider the Katherine Fraze Fire Fund at Go Fund Me.

Some folks hereabouts think Katherine Fraze is crazy. Most of them work for various branches of local government, and this fact alone always has been recommendation enough for me. You go, girl.

Sadly, a Fb friend messaged me about a fire, of which I previously was unaware.

I don't know if you are aware, but Kathy Fraze has had a tragic fire at her place, where she lost her home, everything she owns, her birds, her beloved raven; they have taken her dogs, and refuse to give them back. There is a Go Fund Me page set up for her. Watch for coverage on TV. There are pictures of the devastation on her websites: The Dog Lady and Save That Dog Sanctuary. The Go Fund Me is listed as Katherine Fraze Fire Fund.

Following is the message at the Katherine Fraze Fire Fund.

This is my friend who has the Save that Dog Sanctuary. Last night she lost everything in a fire. All her belongings, 6K in cash, her home, and most of her rescue dogs had to go into animal control.

Katherine has devoted her life to saving animals. She has lived in a camper (with no running water) for as long as I have known her to run her rescue. She is a person who doesn't want much just her animals and her land. You can visit her rescue website.

She is sleeping in her vehicle on her property at the moment to tend to the animals not taken by animal control. She had a small amount of insurance, which won't be enough. She needs our help and every penny helps! Thank you.

I've donated. Please consider doing so. Thanks.

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