Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Universal Linen truck ignores rules of the road on a road designed precisely for that.

We were driving eastbound on Market Street at 8:40 a.m. on Wednesday, and came to a stop for a red light at the intersection of Market and Bank. We were in the left lane. In the right lane, a Universal Linens truck pulled up alongside us, somewhat reluctantly observing the red light. He was several feet past the crosswalk, well into the intersection.

The light turned green, and I decided to adhere to the posted 25 mph speed limit as we proceeded eastward. You can see in the photo above how far ahead the Universal Truck already was after just two blocks.

The preceding photo shows the red light at 7th Street, which the already speeding Universal Linen truck went through without so much as slowing.

That's just daily life on New Albany's designed-for-recklessness, unregulated, arterial streets. City Hall doesn't care very much ... perhaps even less than the Universal Linen truck's driver. If it did, it would do something about it.