Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A city courageously keeping its citizens safe from threatening structures?


Less than a block away from the "threatening structure" at 922 Culbertson, the city allows this "structure" to be used as a "home", allows it to be "built" slowly without a building permit, considers roofing felt to be a suitable exterior wall covering, and allows people to "live" in a "home" that in any reasonable municipality would be rightfully condemned. The city has allowed this to drag on for years, just a few feet from a structure that doesn't need $300,000 for renovation.

The SEJ block grant slush fund inflated contractors estimates, it appears.

This is allowed (endorsed) while an important piece of neighborhood history must be demolished?

Hypocrisy, pure and simple. Somebody wants to build shiny laundromat in the neighborhood. Slumlords demand clean clothes, after all.

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w&la said...

Looks like Building Commissioner Brewer signed the Occupancy Permit a little too soon on the house in that last photo.