Sunday, May 25, 2014

Erika swoons as Todd Bailey returns as police chief.

The last time Todd Bailey's name appeared at NAC, it was attached to one of Professor Erika's whacked-out-standing-men lists. Luckily for Todd, unlike some of her previous honorees, he wasn't dead yet.

Having served his political penance, Todd is back as police chief. I thought he had some good ideas last time, so here's to the reprise.

Todd Bailey named New Albany Police Department chief; The former chief was named to replace Sherri Knight, by Jerod Clapp (Suwannee Democrat)

NEW ALBANY — Todd Bailey will again take the position of New Albany’s chief of police after Sherri Knight’s reassignment Tuesday.

Bailey, who was the chief immediately preceding Knight, was named as the department’s leader in a news release from Mayor Jeff Gahan’s office today, May 24. Kenneth Fudge, who was the chief of detectives, will serve as deputy chief and William Popp will remain the uniform division commander ...

... Bailey openly campaigned for Irv Stumler for mayor in the 2011 Democratic Party Primary. After Gahan was elected, he was reassigned as the department’s second-shift commander.

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