Monday, June 17, 2013

Kerry Stemler's various catastrophic legacies do not include his own bank account.

I hope my colleague Jeff doesn't mind my reprinting these words, which he posted elsewhere.

The Ohio River Bridges Project is the single largest, most intrusive injustice foisted on my home in my lifetime. Whether it's only to prove at some later date that not all of us were so stupid and passive or there's still some immediate impact to be had, that's not conducive to shutting up and quitting. The project's negative impacts - where not minimized in every way possible - will last for decades, making it even more difficult to address other obvious needs. There is no bigger issue in Tuckyanna and plantation life just doesn't suit me.

Over at LEO, Jonathan Meador was on it last week.

A bridge too far? Jury is out on whether bridges project will increase city’s ‘heat island’ effect, by Jonathan Meador (LEO Weekly)

... Despite mounting scientific evidence that Louisville is the fastest-heating city in the nation, regional leaders including Gov. Beshear, Mayor Greg Fischer and U.S. Rep. John Yarmuth, D-3rd, have doubled down on the project’s designs for more jobs by way of more asphalt, more vehicle emissions and more urban sprawl.

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